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Who We Are


Geno Segers

At first glance, Geno's formidable size, impressive athleticism, and deep and sometimes scary voice are what catch people’s attention. However, when you start peeling all that back, you reveal a guy who has always had a genuine love for people. His compassionate nature shows through his work outside of the limelight as an influential motivational speaker. With Scotty Miller and Michelle McMiller, Geno co-founded "Hold It On The Road" in 2011. Through this foundation, Geno uses motivational speaking to encourage the youth to make good life decisions. By doing this, he is able to help them make positive impacts on their future.

Michelle McMiller

Michelle McMiller was born in Newark, New Jersey on February 17, 1967. She and her family re-located to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she grew up and finished off high school at East Forsyth in 1985. She proceeded to go to college and chose to attend Western Carolina University, where she took up accounting, and was involved in several clubs. In October of 1990, Michelle birthed her first child by the name of Terrae. In 1991 she landed a job at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center as a medical coder and has been with them for going on two decades.

Michelle has always been heavily involved with the community and the youth. Her first encounter began in 1997 when she became a volunteer coach for a local track club by the name of Tri-City Relays. In 2001 she began her own AAU organization and founded The Winston Salem Elite track club; she also served as the President. Her goal was to have an impact on the kids in which would encourage them to reach their maximum potential not only on the field, but in the classroom as well.

Michelle was also involved with the running of the Next Level Youth and Enrichment Program, where she gave input on the teachings and lessons for the youth and the community. In 2006, she encouraged her daughter to start her own non-profit organization, in which she gave the name P.I.N.K. to, which stands for PrimaDonna’s In Need of Knowledge. Michelle served as the club’s liaison and helped coordinate several different events and functions including an Annual Easter Egg Hunt, an annual Crop Walk, and serviced many local schools with supplies and mentorship.

Over time, Michelle’s work and service has earned a number of kids a way into college and a character of self-discipline, respect, and integrity. She now resides in Old Town, North Carolina with her two daughters, and the comfort of knowing that her work paid off.

Jerome Scott Miller, III

Jerome Scott Miller, III currently serves as a Regional Facilities Engineer for the Charlotte/ Mecklenburg County School System, and has been employed by the state of NC for 14 years. “Scottie” as he is more commonly called, is a native of Winston-Salem, NC and received an Architectural Engineering Bachelor of Science and a Civil Engineering Masters, both from North Carolina A&T State University.

Scottie has long been an advocate of youth education and continued post-secondary scholarship programs for well over a decade. He was the Chairman of the Golf Committee for the Ray M. Agnew, Jr/ Winston-Salem Housing Authority Celebrity Golf Tournament, where he served for 7 years. Scottie also served for 8 years as the Chairman of the Winston-Salem Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Beautillion Militaire Leadership, Training & Scholarship Program. Currently, Scottie is proud to be affiliated with the Hold it on the Road Foundation in support of their diverse goals.

Maria Canapino

Maria comes from Oahu, Hawaii. She grew up doing USAG competitive gymnastics up to level 8. She started coaching at the age of sixteen, teaching preschool to competitive level 7. She moved to the mainland to pursue a career in the entertainment industry world, mainly focusing on stunts. She was recently a stunt performer at Legoland California where she was a part of the Big Test. She has also been kicked through a wall and fallen off a balcony. Even through all her other pursuits gymnastics has never left her heart. Gymnastics has made a big impact on her life and hopes to share that same joy and love for the sport that she has experienced. She also hopes to one day open her own gymnastics program in Hawaii.